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The Power Of Coaching @ Toastmasters Spring Conference

The Power of Coaching @ Toastmasters Spring Conference

It has been a great experience to host the Coaching workshop at the Toastmasters International Public Speaking Conference in Genoa. During the conference I’ve been watching the public speaking contests and have been impressed by the performance of the speakers.

36 members of Toastmasters from around the globe joined the workshop „The Power of Coaching“. The focus of the workshop have been the KEYS of a powerful coaching conversation and an active learning experience for the the participants. Therefore I’ve provided a group coaching and coached all 36 participants in one round with the objective that EVERYone has a take away, new inspirations and actions for the next steps towards their professional or personal goal.

Thanks to ALL who participated with your motivation and contribution you made the workshop special.

Some feedback of the participants: 

Christian Eggenberger:

„That was a lively & demanding & active Workshop. Congrats!“

Bastian Rojanawisut in linkedIn: 

„Today was the last day of the Toastmasters International Public Speaking and Leadership Conference in Genoa, Italy! 

Here are my 5 key take-aways: ….3) I learned with Selina Müller that with the proper sequence of questions, once can get very quick and good insights about his/her own challenging situations.“

Ivan Mirchev:

„Thank you for the useful workshop on coaching. I was surprised to enjoy such a balanced, practical and content-full workshop. Its structure impressed me – definition, process, recommendations and then a demonstration. I liked very much that the coaching approach is widely applicable.“