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"Dream it - Believe it - Achieve it"

Career Coach | Business Trainer | Finance Specialist

I’m a Life and Business Coach with the focus on personal and professional career development. My aspiration is to inspire and bring out the best in you by providing personal coaching.


Through my own journey I’ve experienced how powerful coaching can be, for example, in giving life a new twist, changing career and personal growth. Those techniques have been my golden key to create the life I want to have.

„Do you do what you really love?“

In this process of change I’ve gathered a huge treasure about professional- and personal development. This experience I want to pass on to you and enable you the access to the knowledge for a greater professional and personal life.


Solution focused Coaching (SFBT)

Systemic advise and organizational development

NLP (Neurolingustics Programming)


Coaching & Talent Development

Leader for different Coaching projects (Appearance & Impact)

Globally provided 1 on 1 Coachings

Conception and moderation of Business Trainings in the area of coaching, communication and appearance.

Knowledge transfer and staff training

Finance Background

Integration of finance projects

Project Controlling

Internal Control & Compliance